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Av Katti - 8 december 2014 23:43

Ruth got herself a new dress and jacket and a pair of pink shoes, her favorite color and she went out for a stroll in the winter day. Hey, girl, Where are you pants?? Its frikkin' WINTER! Silly dolls. 

~ But.. hey... what's this? Who are you? 

Ruth came across a snow-white frog with a silver crown. Weird. 

~ My name's Ha.... 

~ Say wha'??

~ I met a.....

~ You're talking?? 

~ Of course! You asked a question and I am trying to answer you. 

~ Ehhhhhh... 

~ It was like this. I was out in the woods, strolling around, minding my own business when all of a sudden this crazy woman appeared. She was dressed all in white and wore a crown of ice. The whole world froze up and I lost memory and woke up like this. 

~ Wait? What? What do you mean? 

~ But woman. You do understand there aren't any talking frogs. For real? 

~ ?? 

~ For crying out loud. Would you please kiss me? You look the part. 

~ Euuuuwwww... 


Ruth thought about it for another second...

~Oh well... Come here then..





~ Hey! Where did you come from?? Who are you? What's that?? 

~ Hello, my sweet Princess. Told you so. The wicked Snow Queen turned me into a, no less than white frog, because that is the only color that crazy woman can stand

*Holy Moly*, Ruth thinks. *Dreams can come true! He is really handsome. And imagine that his wardrobe even matches mine!

~ I brought you a gift, since you were the one that really broke my spell. 

~ Ahhh! And it's pink!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you... 

From the editor: Well, Ruth my dear. Calm down a bit. You are embarrassing us

Seems like Ruth finally met her Prince Charming. His name is Harry, as he was trying to tell her earlier - and just like her, he strolls around sockless.... What's up with that?? 


Good thing Harry didn't take a too close look at Ruth's dress.... She tried hard to cover upp her @$$ but did no good in that department... 

Was this all just a dream? Well... You never know... - or time will tell. 

Av Katti - 25 september 2014 11:45

Serafina, the biggest bitch in town, has fallen. Fallen for a guy. She met Theo and got struck, as if Thor himself had thrown a blast at her. Good for her, Theo manages her temper and bad mood swings and actually got smitten himself. How's that for luck? 

Serafina got this new and fluffy coat. Fluff and yellow is NOT her thing. At least she claims so but she actually likes the warmth it brings her in this bad soon-to-be-winter cold we are getting. By god. Snow. In September? 

She takes her dog Lucifer and goes for a brisk walk to meet up with her honey. She brings him a gift... (and I say she has gone love mad. Not her usual behaviour at all!). 

Theo is her hunk in pink plaid. But with short sleeves... So this diva actually took out the knitting needles and made him a sweater! She MADE it! All by herself. Didn't ask Silly Milly the Midget to do it for her, thinking if that girl had set to it, the sweater would for sure have been adorned with love sick puppies or something. Nope. A plain gray sweater. That's it. 

~Awww, Honey. It's ehhh lovely. Not sticky and itchy at all... Love the... color.  

~Look! It even has long sleeves!! Now that's a treat worth a kiss

~Just wonder what's up with the neck line? Lucifer also took notice and keeled over, laughing himself to death. 

~Stop it, you silly mutt. I love it! And they go off kissing again.... 

~Well.... How much I love seeing you in that slim and muscle hugging shirt I also brought you a new tee. Maybe it will be better with that neckline. And by the way, I DO take offence to that. I DID make it myself.  Put in a lot of hard work and even drew blood. *hmmppppftttt

~Oh yes, I knew that shirt would look great on you. M-m-mmmmmmm. 

~Well, my Kitten, it happens so that I too have a gift for you. I found something that you can wear with your new coat. 

~Hey, what is that thing? You didn't kill a pup, did you? 

Serafina looks very suspicious of the furball he hands over. Well, it feels soft.... 

~No, Silly. Try it on

 But WTH? I don't do hats!! And this looks insane... Oh, well, I'll keep it. It does keep me even warmer.... 

Just for the hell of it, Theo tried it on, and just look at that guy. Whatever he tosses on he looks good. 

My Russian Bear. (only he isn't Russian)

 Ahhh, the things you do for love. 

Notes from the Editor: 

Sorry 'bout the lack of props and backgrounds. Not much green screens here and all the furniture and other stuff were tucked away when this photo story took place... You just have to go with the flow. 

Av Katti - 17 augusti 2014 00:44

A bunch of the girls accompanied Ester and Ruth on their vacation trip - and got joined by Dionne during their stayaway time. They ripped the wardrobe apart trying to find the ult concert gear to wear. I think they managed quite alright and match each other equally well. Don't you agree? 





... and then we have these two. What do you mean, party dress? What's wrong with our wardrobe?? 

 Well..... seems their meeting with the Fresh Prince worked just fine, despite their non change of wardrobe. 



A closer look at the girls: 








Curly Sue



Av Katti - 17 augusti 2014 00:00

Sakis held a concert and the girls attended. 

(yahyah... lame writeup but I don't have any fantasy cells working)

Autographs will be given afterwards... 

 Ooops, what's going on here? 

Ester managed to charm a really personal shot out of Sakis.  

Yup, really personal...  

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