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Av Katti - 29 april 2014 22:40

OMG... She took forever to get here but today, the mailman left a parcel on my doorstep. Finally! She has been travelling dark and murky waters for seven weeks, shipped by Surface Mail. Slow boat from China? Via China maybe? Doesn't matter. She is here now and we can both take a deep breath of relief, the lady who sent her, and I. And my goodness, was she worth the wait? Absolutely. Definitely! Look at her! My Queen of the Night. La Reine de La Nuit

New Orleans 2013 National Barbie Doll Collectors' Convention doll, AA version. 

The guys behind her creation, are Edge of 17

OK, some better shots then: 

He box liner is signed by Raphael.

She is a Platinum Label Edition (<1000 made)


She has  ringlets in silver and black.

A sparkly nose stud. Flocked hair on the sides. 

 French Lily on the choker necklace. 


Stud adorned shoes and silver skull staff

 Black nails. I wish she had another type of hands with more refined nails. 

Utterly gorgeous Nichelle sculpt with icy blue and piercing eyes and dark blood red lips.


Av Katti - 21 april 2014 11:20

 Today is a first. A duplicate blog post. I am lurking about trying to figure out how to do a new section on Kattis Dolls. I wanted to add some pages with the doll body changes. Not just face sculpts but the other side of the doll as well. Browsing around the 'net looking for this and that, I stumbled, yet again upon Roxanne's blog and she has some great posts about doll bodies and their articulation, as well as head removals etc. Check it Out! 

Av Katti - 18 april 2014 21:46

I have always loved the pets of Barbie's and one series, that has, not only great pets but also great dolls, is the Glam 'n Groom series from 2000 (box date 1999). I recently got one of the girls in the series, Teresa and her dog Ruby (#27272). There was also a separate set with the dog. Don't know if all the dolls' dogs were sold separately (yes, they were!) but I do have Ruby, all by her cute and long haired self. 

Ruby, an Irish setter

#25993 Glam'n Groom Pets Set, 1999

  On the back of Ruby's box, one can see Barbie and Christie, and Teresa of course with their respective dogs.  

This little guys has nothing to do with Barbie in any way, but I just adore him! I used to have a long haired Dachshund and just love those short legged guys! My daughter took a short look at him and wondered why-T.H he looked so weird. Is he badly glued together? Well... glue him all together and he would have lost his whole purpose. This is a puzzle dog! And came with that cute carrier (to keep the parts in... LOL!). 

I used to have Barbie and her afghan dog, but sold off Barbie. On my long wishlist, I still have Christie and her lovely black poodle! 

90s · pets · Teresa
Av Katti - 11 april 2014 23:13

I got one of two Fan Bingbing dolls the other day. Bought her directly from a dealer in Malaysia and he was kind enough to have her shipped directly to me without having to go via a friend. Great service and no hassle. I so badly want to debox her but will wait for the second one before I mess with this girl. I need to see which box is the best, as I want to keep one in my NRFB collection. If one box is dented, that's the one that will come out from the closet. Eh, box. 

Fan Bingbing is a famous actress/singer etc from China and this doll is made in her tribute. Gorgeous! 

Her box is wonderfully designed and colored and detailed to match the Dragon Robe dress, designed by Laurence Hui. Fan Bingbing wore it on a red carpet event and the doll's version is just as beautiful. China red and golden - and the ice blue - which is also seen in her nails! 

 Blue nails! 

 Porcelain white skintone. So delicate! 

 Fan Bingbing Barbie is a really pretty doll with a brand new head sculpt.

Fan Bingbing is an Asian Market Pink Box Collector doll. So far Asian exclusive. She is hard to come by, unless you know someone in Asia, or are lucky enough to get her directly from some Asian store, like I did. eBay prices are highly inflated. Insane. 


She can be found on barbiecollector for a fraction of the cost of the Asian import cost. Another "YAY" (or rather NAY) to Mattel for being two faced. 


Av Katti - 10 april 2014 17:55

I visited a Toys'rUs in Sweden a couple of weeks back, looking for new dolls and spotted these. They stayed in store - because they are so awfully expensive in Sweden - and had Barbie been switched in the boxes I might have brought home the set with Raquelle. She is one of the prettiest Raquelle dolls to this date - and Barbie in the box with Summer is way cuter than the one that comes with her - or not, but I like her clothes more!  Took some quick iPhone photos in store. 

They are called Stylin' Friends.

Raquelle reminds me of Katrina Kaif, even if she has never been made with the Raquelle sculpt.  

Av Katti - 6 april 2014 20:49

Picked up a photo I took last year of two om my favorite girls, Barbie Basics Model #04 and Magical Mermaid Kayla. One gorgeous redhead and one blonde with turqouise streaks in her hair. 

The Goddess sculpt (marked 1998) was originally made as a black mold only but later was more widely used over race lines. She makes a great redheaded white girl too! 

Kayla and Lea (KayLea) have a head marked 2000 and it was used for Barbie's Hispanic friend Kayla and Asian friend Lea. Quite versatile as many other sculpts. Kayla and Lea, both changed skintones as time passed. 

The Goddess sculpt has fuller lips than Kayla's and a more pronounced/sculpted nose. She is more "lined" with a marked upper lip, while Kayla is softer. These two along with Mackie are my favorite closed mouth molds! 

I so badly want a Mermaid Kayla with blue hair. Mine has the dark turqouise highlights. The ice blue is really beautiful and would make a great Ice Queen :) 

And speaking of Mackie - here is my all time favorite Mackie girl: 

T7738 Barbie Basics Collection 002 Model No 01, 2011

And a much older "sister" to her: 

20782 KayBee Fashion Avenue Barbie, 1998

More of these sculpts here: 

Av Katti - 5 april 2014 22:08

OK, I have been asked to blog in English, maybe I will give it a try then and kickstart this other blog after all. I really want to have one that is intertwined and directly connected to the Kattis Dolls site, but I haven't found one I like and Crosswinds, the host of my site, is using WordPress as their default blog portal, which I am not too fond of. It's outdated and I can't seem to fix and modify anything there the way I want it. It's hard getting used to something entirely new. I just want some place to add all those random thoughts and pictures etc, that doesn't quite fit in with the (new) site. I will have the head molds there as always (static stuff) and the old site remains as a sub domain/site behind the new one. But all those random dolls you find, stuff you want to share, anything else not fitting in with the site platform - I need a blog for it! 

Since I already am frequently using the Swedish blog, I am unsure how to pursue this one. Would I/should I go back and pick up all the blog entries I made there and translate them (without Google's CrazyTrans) or do I just start over? I might pick up something from there though. Randomly. I doubt I will make two of the same entries in the blogs from here on either. I am way too lazy for that - and quite frankly, don't have all that time on my hands to make a twin presentation each time. Buuut.... time will tell how this works out from here. 


Meanwhile I'd like to introduce you to some of my doll pals. My travel companions and adventurers. Since the pictures are picked from different uploads they are all, or nearly all, different in framing or not, etc. Normally all photos in my posts are finished the same way. LOL! 

Well.... these are not all the dolls I use in various photo stories, on site, in blog, or mostly in my head but they are the core of the gang. 

Introducing Ester and the niece and nephew (by blood or not is yet to be determined), Kitty and Ronny: 

 Ester, my #1 grown up, travel doll. 

Used to be a Dream Date PJ but got a new Fashionistas body, which is a fact my own niece blurted out about: "She doesn't match!". *brat* 

Ronny & Kitty: 

 Kitty is my tiny Alter Ego and Ronny is her brother

Kitty used to be a Surfer Lorena and Ronny is a former Ryan (rerooted by my friend Angie DeBunce). Here they side up in an Steffi Love Evi Minnie Mouse bug. More of the kids and friends here :) As most of my dolls their hair is all over the place. Well... they are driving (HUH??) with the top down. *du-uh* 

My travel dolls going - travelling! By train. 

Ester chatting with Rosie's cousin Amie

Amie is a recent and not too frequent house guest, a former Fashionistas Barbie, while Rosie is a yah... a former Fashionistas Barbie! And not pictured. I just happen to like this shot of the two, visiting Fuchsia, yet another unseen dolly pal. 

Meet Milly. Or Silly Midget as Serafina calls her.

(Used to be DreamHouse Midge) Milly is not the brightest star in the sky but she has her moments. And to her defense, she is a sweet kid and don't have a iota bad blood in her system. She is just a bit.... over the rainbow so to speak. A bit blabbery... And totally adorable. 

Yet unnamed P!nk. Not sure what to call her. She has been dubbed Katy.

Ms P!nk used to be a Fashionistas Swapping Head - only! I stole a body from some Fashionistas Barbie and gave it permanently to her. The body didn't have the Swapping Head function... Another silly girl - but somewhat "brighter" than Milly. 

Serafina - the one and only

She used to be a 2013 Holiday Barbie AA but got a body makeover and is now proudly wearing a Fashionistas body. She's the queen of snottyness and kickass attitude. But she is great pals with Ester. Must be that Ester doesn't give a hoot about her mood swings. And Serafina really loves her friends, no matter how she treats Milly. I dare you to treat Milly the way she does. Then this girl will pull out her whip for ya'! She's got a big heart. For her friends. Just never shows it! And she has a pink poodle named Lucifer! 

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