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Av Katti - 29 april 2014 22:40

OMG... She took forever to get here but today, the mailman left a parcel on my doorstep. Finally! She has been travelling dark and murky waters for seven weeks, shipped by Surface Mail. Slow boat from China? Via China maybe? Doesn't matter. She is here now and we can both take a deep breath of relief, the lady who sent her, and I. And my goodness, was she worth the wait? Absolutely. Definitely! Look at her! My Queen of the Night. La Reine de La Nuit

New Orleans 2013 National Barbie Doll Collectors' Convention doll, AA version. 

The guys behind her creation, are Edge of 17

OK, some better shots then: 

He box liner is signed by Raphael.

She is a Platinum Label Edition (<1000 made)


She has  ringlets in silver and black.

A sparkly nose stud. Flocked hair on the sides. 

 French Lily on the choker necklace. 


Stud adorned shoes and silver skull staff

 Black nails. I wish she had another type of hands with more refined nails. 

Utterly gorgeous Nichelle sculpt with icy blue and piercing eyes and dark blood red lips.


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