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Av Katti - 18 april 2014 21:46

I have always loved the pets of Barbie's and one series, that has, not only great pets but also great dolls, is the Glam 'n Groom series from 2000 (box date 1999). I recently got one of the girls in the series, Teresa and her dog Ruby (#27272). There was also a separate set with the dog. Don't know if all the dolls' dogs were sold separately (yes, they were!) but I do have Ruby, all by her cute and long haired self. 

Ruby, an Irish setter

#25993 Glam'n Groom Pets Set, 1999

  On the back of Ruby's box, one can see Barbie and Christie, and Teresa of course with their respective dogs.  

This little guys has nothing to do with Barbie in any way, but I just adore him! I used to have a long haired Dachshund and just love those short legged guys! My daughter took a short look at him and wondered why-T.H he looked so weird. Is he badly glued together? Well... glue him all together and he would have lost his whole purpose. This is a puzzle dog! And came with that cute carrier (to keep the parts in... LOL!). 

I used to have Barbie and her afghan dog, but sold off Barbie. On my long wishlist, I still have Christie and her lovely black poodle! 

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