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Av Katti - 3 juni 2014 00:32

She has been one of my wish dolls for years but I have never really put an effort into buying her. Bob Mackie's dolls was very expensive when they were new. Today they are way too cheap - but I think a lot of the reason for this is their 90's makeup. Bob Mackie designed really out-of-the-world dolls once. Lots of embroideries and sequins. A friend of mine sold her Queen of Hearts and I was happy to finally be able to have her! Besides the red Queen I want the golden Sun Goddess and the gorgeous turqouise Neptune - the first Mackie faced doll. 


She is never removed from her liner - still attached by sewing thread s and that ugly tape. 

Bob Mackie's original sketch is included as a print in the box. 

She has heart shaped earrings!

Lots of pearls and sequins

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