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Av Katti - 17 augusti 2014 00:00

Sakis held a concert and the girls attended. 

(yahyah... lame writeup but I don't have any fantasy cells working)

Autographs will be given afterwards... 

 Ooops, what's going on here? 

Ester managed to charm a really personal shot out of Sakis.  

Yup, really personal...  

Av Katti - 12 augusti 2014 00:38

A fellow collector on Facebook had found a nude boy doll she wanted identified. She provided us with decent photographs and a shot of his neck stamp. We googled that and came up with Sakis Rouvas. Sakis is a greek singer that has competed in the Eurovision Song Contest, a couple of times previous decade. He looked interesting enough for me to widen the search and bid'n buy one on eBay. He arrived from Greece the other week and I took some shots of him. As he also came with me on vacation, my travel dolls have been on a concert with him! Sort of. 

The DVD had come loose during shipping but I reattached it to the liner - and also gave him back the microphone stand that has come loose from the rubber bands holding it. 

For some reason I got the impression the Sakis doll had molded hair. Even as he arrived and I saw the doll live, I still thought so. Then all of a sudden, as I deboxed him, I realized he has rooted hair - as well as partly painted details. Cool! Too bad I am way too lazy to find the time to fix my dolls' hair. 

He is wearing an authentic scene costume with black pleather pants and a white tee with the greek flag printed on the chest. I have yet to find actual photos of him wearing this, but the box piccies do show him in this gear. He makes a nice doll! 


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