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Av Katti - 6 april 2014 20:49

Picked up a photo I took last year of two om my favorite girls, Barbie Basics Model #04 and Magical Mermaid Kayla. One gorgeous redhead and one blonde with turqouise streaks in her hair. 

The Goddess sculpt (marked 1998) was originally made as a black mold only but later was more widely used over race lines. She makes a great redheaded white girl too! 

Kayla and Lea (KayLea) have a head marked 2000 and it was used for Barbie's Hispanic friend Kayla and Asian friend Lea. Quite versatile as many other sculpts. Kayla and Lea, both changed skintones as time passed. 

The Goddess sculpt has fuller lips than Kayla's and a more pronounced/sculpted nose. She is more "lined" with a marked upper lip, while Kayla is softer. These two along with Mackie are my favorite closed mouth molds! 

I so badly want a Mermaid Kayla with blue hair. Mine has the dark turqouise highlights. The ice blue is really beautiful and would make a great Ice Queen :) 

And speaking of Mackie - here is my all time favorite Mackie girl: 

T7738 Barbie Basics Collection 002 Model No 01, 2011

And a much older "sister" to her: 

20782 KayBee Fashion Avenue Barbie, 1998

More of these sculpts here: 

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