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Av Katti - 8 december 2014 23:43

Ruth got herself a new dress and jacket and a pair of pink shoes, her favorite color and she went out for a stroll in the winter day. Hey, girl, Where are you pants?? Its frikkin' WINTER! Silly dolls. 

~ But.. hey... what's this? Who are you? 

Ruth came across a snow-white frog with a silver crown. Weird. 

~ My name's Ha.... 

~ Say wha'??

~ I met a.....

~ You're talking?? 

~ Of course! You asked a question and I am trying to answer you. 

~ Ehhhhhh... 

~ It was like this. I was out in the woods, strolling around, minding my own business when all of a sudden this crazy woman appeared. She was dressed all in white and wore a crown of ice. The whole world froze up and I lost memory and woke up like this. 

~ Wait? What? What do you mean? 

~ But woman. You do understand there aren't any talking frogs. For real? 

~ ?? 

~ For crying out loud. Would you please kiss me? You look the part. 

~ Euuuuwwww... 


Ruth thought about it for another second...

~Oh well... Come here then..





~ Hey! Where did you come from?? Who are you? What's that?? 

~ Hello, my sweet Princess. Told you so. The wicked Snow Queen turned me into a, no less than white frog, because that is the only color that crazy woman can stand

*Holy Moly*, Ruth thinks. *Dreams can come true! He is really handsome. And imagine that his wardrobe even matches mine!

~ I brought you a gift, since you were the one that really broke my spell. 

~ Ahhh! And it's pink!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you... 

From the editor: Well, Ruth my dear. Calm down a bit. You are embarrassing us

Seems like Ruth finally met her Prince Charming. His name is Harry, as he was trying to tell her earlier - and just like her, he strolls around sockless.... What's up with that?? 


Good thing Harry didn't take a too close look at Ruth's dress.... She tried hard to cover upp her @$$ but did no good in that department... 

Was this all just a dream? Well... You never know... - or time will tell. 

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