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Av Katti - 21 juli 2015 22:26

Well, this blog is sadly overseen. I tend to go to the Swedish blog to write and this keeps falling into oblivion. I just don't feel like going here to do any blogging, as I keep chattering away on Facebook instead - and use the Swedish blog for my regular dollie updates. 

I have just swapped laptops and don't have any photo program on the new one so I am sort of stuck for the moment to that. I have loads of pictures on the other laptop. Was thinking of adding something here when I realized just that. Nothing here - it's all on the other one. 

I also need to fix a page on the doll site... A few days more before I am back home. 

I can talk about some garage sales I have been to this summer. Not much in dolly way but I scored some cuties on one of them. Got one for free as her leg had a hole in the back. That one was a tnt brunette - although in bad need of a reroot. Her face is über pretty and her legs click (although she does have that flaw of an injured leg back side). 

So. Not much to tell at this point. 

Well, I mostly came in here to get rid of the ads. Be Gone! 

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