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Av Katti - 17 augusti 2014 00:44

A bunch of the girls accompanied Ester and Ruth on their vacation trip - and got joined by Dionne during their stayaway time. They ripped the wardrobe apart trying to find the ult concert gear to wear. I think they managed quite alright and match each other equally well. Don't you agree? 





... and then we have these two. What do you mean, party dress? What's wrong with our wardrobe?? 

 Well..... seems their meeting with the Fresh Prince worked just fine, despite their non change of wardrobe. 



A closer look at the girls: 








Curly Sue



Av Katti - 17 augusti 2014 00:00

Sakis held a concert and the girls attended. 

(yahyah... lame writeup but I don't have any fantasy cells working)

Autographs will be given afterwards... 

 Ooops, what's going on here? 

Ester managed to charm a really personal shot out of Sakis.  

Yup, really personal...  

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